Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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One of the sticks with which aspiring writers are most of hit over the head with is, "Do you want to write...or do you just want to be a writer?"
You're supposed to chastised by that. Real writers, you're to understand, want to write; they need to write. Phonies just think about sitting around in comfy armchairs, being interviewed about what they've already written, surrounded by leather-bound collections of their work, a faithful dog, and a worshipful spouse.
To which I say, what's wrong with that? What's wrong with having a picture in your head of yourself as an accomplished and successful writer?
We all have to have some goal we're striving for, some idea of what we're aiming at, and the image of yourself basking the glory and accolades is as good as any.
What, pray tell, is the alternative?
Should you imagine yourself, day after day, year after year, toiling over a cluttered desk, or wrestling a new ink cartridge into your printer? What kind of fantasy is that? How is that supposed to get, and keep you motivated?
No, I say go right ahead and dream away. Color in every square inch of your private fantasy. Savor every detail. No writer focuses on the image of himself writing any more than a bus driver dreams--except in his nightmares--of driving a bus.
Yes, you have to do the work, and yes, you will do it; that's a given. Writing--though it can be rewarding and even on a good day, fun--is hard work, and no one would want to dwell on it too much.
Consider this fantasizing as a kind of self-actualization. (Now you're talking!) By concentrating on the end, not means, you may be able to keep some of the troubles and doubts at bay. Thinking about your writing tends to become thinking about the problems in your writing. Thinking about syntax and structure will keep you up at night. 
And nothing will help you write better than a good night's rest.
Excerpt from: Robert's Rules of Writing
By: Robert Masello
Writer's Digest Books
Copyright 2005

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