Review Policy


I review using the 5 star method:
        * One Star - it wasn't my taste, but someone else might like it.
      ** Two Stars - good, but not good enough to shout it from the roof-tops.
    *** Three Stars - it was good and I will recommend it to others.
  **** Four Stars - it was very good and I will post the review on my blog.
***** Five Stars - it was excellent. I will post the review on my blog and in the author spotlight section.

All reviews get posted on amazon unless the author requests otherwise. If your book receives a 4 or 5 star, it will be posted on my blog.

I do NOT review erotica, murder-mysteries, thrillers, pornography on any kind, non-fiction, or science fiction.

I DO review Indie Authored fiction, romance, chick lit, paranormal, YA, Amish romance, Christian romance, comedy, and fantasy.

To get your book reviewed here, send an email to and post "book review" in the subject line.

Review times may vary, but I try to complete them within 30 days.
I reserve the right to reject any book for review.
Zoe Rayne

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